The structure of the B.Ed. Syllabus comprises part I- Theory and part II- practical as follows:

Part I- Theory

1.      Teacher in Emerging Indian society

2.      Development of learner and teaching learning process

3.      Problems and Development of educational system in India

4.      Essentials of educational technology and management

5.      and 6. Special methods of teaching

7.      Additional specialization

Part II- Practical

1.      Teaching of subjects 1-20 lessons

2.      Teaching of subject 2-20 lessons

3.      Criticism lessons (Two-one in each subject)

4.      Assignments (Two in each subject)

5.      Final lesson in subject 1

6.      Final lesson in subject 2

7.      Work experience (Two crafts) ( See table 3)

8.      Working with community/ social services

9.      Five psychology experiments 


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